Lead Paint

Okay, what the hell? I was trying to keep this blog more or less professional, but I think it’s a pretty dry read so far, and I look up there and see my name in the address bar, and I think, well, that doesn’t seem right. So, I’ll add a little personal touch now, I think.

Recently, my friend Josh (http://joshgranger.com/) introduced me to this guy Adam (http://mountainchains.info/adam/), and we played some music. If you scroll down there on Adam’s page you can see the MUSIC heading, and if you click Lead Paint (2008-Present), the following page will open: http://illegaldreams.info/lead_paint/. In the address bar, add “071” to get http://illegaldreams.info/lead_paint/071/. You can hear what Adam mixed from the recording of that session.