Python script to rename files based on a shapefile attribute

The script is below. In another post, I show an example of how I use this script. It meets a specific need I encounter periodically at work. The application is pretty specific, but I think it is an example of how a simple script can augment GIS skills, so look for that post coming soon. Please note that if you copy this script from this page and paste it into IDLE you will probably have to go through and replace the quote marks (both single and double), as well as the two minus signs, as they seem to copy over incorrectly. This can be accomplished quickly by using “Edit > Replace”, copying the incorrect quotation mark into the “Find” field, and entering the correct one in the “Replace” field. Repeat for each incorrect character.

Okay, here it is:

Renames files in a target folder using a lookup table exported as a text
file from the attribute table of an ESRI shapefile.  The lookup table should
be in the same folder as the target files, or the code changed accordingly.
John Speargas, 2011

# Import module
import os

# Input folder containing files to be renamed
folder = “C:\\GIS\\TEST\\directory_to_be_renamed\\”

# Input lookup table
lookupTable = open(folder + “LookupTable.txt”)

# Read lookup table and close file
tableList = lookupTable.readlines()

# Input fields corresponding to the old and new names
old = “OLD”
new = “NEW”

# Read the lines in the table and strip away unnecessary characters
newTable = []
for line in tableList:
    newLine = line.strip()   
    newerLine = newLine.strip(“,”)  
    newestLine = newerLine.strip(“‘”)   
    almostFinalLine = newestLine.replace(‘”‘,””)  
    finalLine = almostFinalLine.split(“,”)

# Get position of old and new field names
header = newTable[0]
indexOld = header.index(old) – 1
indexNew = header.index(new) – 1

# Make lists corresponding the new and old values
oldList = []
newList = []
for item in newTable:
    if item != newTable[0]:
        valueOld = item[indexOld]
        valueNew = item[indexNew]
# For each file in the folder, parse the old name from (the path
# and-?) the extension
for file in os.listdir(folder):
    nameAndExt = os.path.splitext(file)
    oldName = nameAndExt[0]
    extension = nameAndExt[1]

#   Index the old name in the old list if it is present
    if oldName in oldList:
        indexOldName = oldList.index(oldName)

#       Locate the same index in the “new” list
        newName = newList[indexOldName]
#       Rename the file using the path, the new name, and the extension
        os.rename(folder + oldName + extension, folder + newName + extension)

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